• Dr. Andreea Teacă-Roman

What do you have to do after a dental extraction or dental implant or sinuslifting?

- follow indications provided by the dental surgeon;

- on that day and the following day, ice is applied to the cheek in the area of ​​the intervention (15 min. keep ice, 30 minutes break and repeat) without pressure and without direct contact (a clean towel is interposed);

- after an extraction, the protective gauzes are kept for 1-2 hours and the alveolar wound protected;

- on the day of the intervention eat room temperature food of low consistency, it is preferable to eat soft food until the suture stitches are removed;

- first 2 days do NOT consume dairy or dairy-based products

- first 2 nights, avoid sleeping with your cheek in direct contact with the pillow, sleep on the other side;

- avoid a perfectly horizontal sleeping position (2 pillows will be placed under the head so that throughout the night the head is higher than the rest of the body);

- strict hygiene of the operated area will be maintained by gently rinsing the oral cavity with the solutions recommended by the doctor, without brushing the suture area. In the rest of the oral cavity, the usual brushing is carried out; - avoid effort, trauma, exposure to AC or physical exercises for the period following the intervention, until the sutures are removed; - the sutures are NOT ABSORBABLE and must be removed by the doctor in 7-12 days after the intervention. Consequently, the presentation to the doctor for this is mandatory; - if immediately after the surgery (1-5 days) the suture stitches are no longer in place, contact the doctor as soon as possible; - following the intervention, the pain is moderate, and will subside with the administration of the prescribed medication;

- it is normal for the intervention area to swell in the first days (usually on day 2 or 3); - if the intervention sinus elevation was performed, DO NOT sneeze with your mouth closed, do not blow your nose (in case of need, blow as lightly and delicately as possible) and do not cough for a period of 2 to 4 weeks after the intervention; - it is possible and normal for blood to flow from the nostril on the side where the intervention was performed after the first days after surgery; - the patient must not in any way exert pressure or massage the operated area; - there is the possibility of post-surgical perimaxillary ecchymoses due to the subcutaneous diffusion of blood that will persist for 6 to 10 days during which they will go through several stages and colors that are normal for healing; - after any surgical intervention, DO NOT SMOKE FOR AT LEAST 24 HOURS;

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